Our Exciting Projects

Here you find a selection of our projects, all of them planned after our philosophy.

If you are interested in details or in case studies, please contact us directly - On request, viewings of the buildings can be arranged!

Icering South Vienna

minimizing costs through waste heat utilisation 



Educational campus Aspern North

a new dimension in school building








Rot-Kreuz Zentrale Korneuburg

intelligent system solution with thermal component activation








Housing Estate Sommerein

storage of excess wind energy










Housing estate Vienna22

buildings as storage unit –

the next step






City hall


fully solar Smart Cities solution

Parish Hallwang

fully solar in accordance with the integrity of creation

Maco Industrieanlagen GmbH

solar heating and cooling for the new center of innovation

Research project Upper Austria

Storing solar yield in multi level residential buildings

Bakery Pföß

no energy costs for heating and warm water

Building services


environment friendly construction and highest energy efficency for the new head office

Building center Aichinger

heating and cooling with the power of the sun

Primary school Hallwang

comfort, feel-good climate and a high air quality for a  flagship school

Research project house H Göllersdorf

a house as energy storage - heating with excess wind energy



community overlapping service center as ecological

flagship project

Sport center North

multi functional sport center  as plus energy building -

aligned with Smart City Salzburg

Residential Factory Taxenbach

an extraordinary energy concept for extraordinary craftsmanship

office and residential building Grödig

solar office with intelligent micro net solution

Housing estate Elsbethen

perfect feel-good climate due to heating and cooling through the ceeling

Prefabricated component factory Habau, Perg

Europe's biggest fully solar industrial project

Union Ansfelden Sonnenarena

fully solar energy supply

implemented with intelligence

culture center Hallwang

fully solar supply without energy costs or emissions

USV Scheffau

partial solar heating and warm water supply

Indoor climbing wall Saalfelden

a milestone in building sport facilities

Church and community center Rif

integrity of creation lived

Carprentry training workshop  LFS Bruck/Glstr.

lighthouse project concerning responsible energy usage

Exhibition Building, selmer Köstendorf

"the house of the future" - consequent continuation of a concept

Office building

SELMER, Köstendorf

"the house without a heater" -the beginning of a recipe for sucess


Fair Trade, Köstendorf

the jump start of thermal component activation and proper dimensioning