newly constructed headquarters

Building services Steiner

highly efficient building equipment

A brine/water heatpumpsystem with three multi-level regulated heatpumps, each with a possible output of up to

90 kW, provides comfortable radiant heat for the new 14.000 m² big company headquarters.


Additionally, the office and ELEMENTS-exhibition (3.500 m²) are passivley cooled during summer periods through a component activated intermediate ceiling.

An earthprobefield (total drilling depth 5.400 meters) provides the heatpumpsystem with energy, which in term is regenerated throughout the summer period by absorbing heat from the building. The whole building complex is cooled with a freecooling system (without an active cooling generator), leading to exorbitant low costs for providing cooling energy. 


However, what makes this project stand out as a flagship project, is the completely new and revolutionary way how the office complex is heated and cooled: The energy supply is provided through the ceiling - even though there is a gypsum cardboard perforated plate installed - and functions flawlessly to the full satisfaction of the users.