Housing Estate MGG 22

Ecological and regenerative Energy from Austria

The heatgeneration for the project at hand is carried out by a brine/water heat pump with geothermal probes.


The geothermal probe field regenerates during the summer period through passive cooling, which furthermore increases the efficiency factor of the heat pump during the winter period.  


Visualization of the project
Visualization of the project

Using the activated storage medium (intermediate ceiling) in combination with massive construction make it possible to run the heat pump on lowest temperature levels. Contraty to common heat distribution systems, this enables an especially high efficant heat pump.


Due to the very plain and low-maintance heat pump technology there are nearly no further running costs for user and operator.

Another advantage gained by utilizing floor slabs to heat and cool is the additional, larger utility space provided in comparison to e.g. radiators.


With this system, the surface temperature throughout the whole year stays nearly always the same, leading to high comfort and pleasant indoor climate.


Furthermore, the renters benefit from exorbitant low energy costs, which has a lasting effect on the rent.